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Apologies for my absence…

Sorry, I’ve not posted on here for a long time. I’ve been thinking about posts I could be writing, but most of my time now is spent writing for my job, things have been getting out of hand, and I have been busy settling into a new city. I just moved to Chile! To Santiago,… Continue reading Apologies for my absence…

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TREADMILL – A blessing in disguise?

Treadmill. The dreadmill. The hamster wheel. Running in the gym brings with it so many negative connotations, of boredom and of wasted opportunities to spend time in the sun, out in the fresh air. But although I would never dream of switching to treadmill running permanently, there are benefits to it which you just can’t… Continue reading TREADMILL – A blessing in disguise?

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ACTIVEWEAR – necessary or just accessory?

I’m an activewear addict. I probably spend more on activewear and running kit than I do on normal clothes, and I definitely spend more time wearing them and perusing internet shopping sites for good deals on my favourite brands. But how much of this is necessary for good athletic performance, and how much is just… Continue reading ACTIVEWEAR – necessary or just accessory?

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BREAKFAST – Paleo recipes for an energised day

I used to eat oats for breakfast. Day-in, day-out. Oats and dried soya mince with protein powder, with a chopped apple, topped with peanut butter or jam. Day-in, day-out. It was a filling and healthy breakfast, but I often felt bloated and sluggish, or I would eat it and feel hungry after a couple of… Continue reading BREAKFAST – Paleo recipes for an energised day

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PAIN – where do athletes draw the line?

The tearing of skin. The brilliant flash of a bead of blood. Then, the sharp ache of a blister. A build-up of pressure. A constant dull pain in the shins which intensifies into a knife-edge on any contact. The fear of shin splints, of stress fractures. A fall, out of the blue. Grazed knees and… Continue reading PAIN – where do athletes draw the line?